1000 Most View Website List in 2019

By | July 29, 2019
World’s Top 10 Website List Release, Google No 1, Ranked 10th In Instagram
58% of the world’s population, 4.4 billion people use the Internet. Similar Web has announced a list of sites that users use more.

Google ranks first with a big gap

According to the chart, giant tech company Google is number one with a big margin. 67.16 Arab non-unique visits came to Google in May. Google is also second on YouTube. Third place is Facebook.

Only website data, not app

This data is for website visits only. This data does not include app data. This is why Instagram ranks 10th on this list. People don’t like the desktop version of Instagram much. People use more apps. China is also the only website in the top as most users access the Internet using the mobile app.

List of Top 10 Website

  1. Google.com: User can search the World’s Information,including webpages,Image,and Video
  2. Youtube.com: Get Your Video to the People who matter to you. Tage and Share Your Video World Wide.
  3. Facebook.com: A social Platform to Connect to the people and Share Your and upload your photo,video,link etc..
  4. Baidu.com : The Most Popular Chinese Search Engine For Chinese Language.
  5. Qq.com : Chinas Biggest Internet Service Portal.
  6. Wikipedia.org: A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software.
  7. Tmall.com: Dedicated to Providing A Premium Shopping And Search to Top Quality of Chinese Brand.
  8. Yahoo.com: Main Internet Portal And Service Provider, Results,Free Emails.
  9. Taobao.com: The Online Shopping Destination
  10. Amazone.com: Words Biggest Shopping Service Provider

User Can Check All Time This Information on Alexa https://www.alexa.com/topsites